ARC Review: Warcross


Warcross (Warcross, #1)


This book… How can one properly review Marie Lu’s newest creation Warcross?! I can start this by telling you how I was when I finished:


Here is what you need to know about the greatness that is Warcross: Tokyo. Spies. Virtual reality. What more do I need to say?

This was a nonstop rollercoaster of amazing. Emika, the protagonist, shined like the badass she was. She was one of the baddest MCs I’ve read in awhile. She knew who she was as a person and never faltered. She came from humble beginnings and had a family that loved her. What she did as a bounty hunter in the Warcross, she did it for them. When she hacked into Warcross live and found herself in the opening ceremonies, everything changed. Warcross is the VR game created by the young yet seriously talented Hideo Tanaka. Every single person around the world logs into the VR every single day through special glasses. Once a year the Warcross games take place and those that compete on the teams can win big money and prizes. That is where Emika found herself – interrupting those opening ceremonies. She is soon invited to join (as a spy) to help Hideo uncover who is trying to ruin his empire and game.

Lu hit it out of the freaking park with this one. She never stopped the action. It was so full of brilliant world descriptions and perfectly flawed characters. It all flowed so well that it felt like I was reading some type of magic. Lu has been blessed with the gift of written word, I tell you what. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if this woman published her grocery list I would buy it. Lu packed this story full of lies and secrets, enemies and friends, and maybe a chance for redemption. No matter what, you will never be able to guess everything Lu has hidden around the next corner.

I’m trying so hard not to give this entire story away! I want everyone to get a copy! I will try to entice you further by telling you that it was full of diverse characters. Emika is Chinese-American, Hideo is Japanese, Roshan and Tremaine are gay, and the captain of one of the Warcross teams is in a wheelchair. It seemed that with Warcross being such a melting pot of cultures and populations, Lu took advantage of that by making many different diversities were represented. Well done, Lu.

I loved every minute of this! I almost didn’t want it to end because what else could live up to this level of greatness? (I ended up rereading RPO when I was done, just so I could live in the VR world a little longer…) The ending was so masterfully done that it set up perfectly for what should be a brilliant sequel. It hurts to know that I have to wait so long to read what happens next but it will be such a delicious wait.



One thought on “ARC Review: Warcross

  1. Oh yeah, bring it! I am ready for some Marie Lu level feels. Lu just never disappoints me. I am excited about this one and am having trouble saving it for my reading challenge. Great review!


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