DNF Review: Jane, Unlimited

Jane, Unlimited


What. In. The. Actual. I DNFd at 25% because I couldn’t continue. Not only is the audio super long (close to 15 hours if you listen at 1x playback) but it is a super slowwwwwwwwwww. If you are set on reading this, make sure you have plenty of time and are interested in umbrella making and art. (I’ll explain in a moment.)

Short recap: Jane feels like her life has been turned upside down after her Aunt passed away. An old friend, Kiran, has come back into her life and invited Jane to join her on her family’s private island for a gala. What could go wrong?

GAH. This story made zero sense to me, at least the bit of the story I read. There are so many raving and wonderful reviews for this story that it hurt me to DNF it. I knew it wasn’t for me when I continued to roll my eyes and sigh, wondering when the story would be over. That meant I was not engaged and I didn’t care what was going on. From what I did read, I did not get what the point of the story was. I knew that Jane, the MC, lost her parents at a young age and raised by her Aunt, whom she recently lost on an adventure in Antarctica. She dropped out of college but has an obsession with making umbrellas. UH….. what. Then a friend from her past randomly shows up in her life and invited her to her family’s private island for a party. Say what again? I’m all for good random things happening in someone’s life but these random events don’t seem to mesh. They legit come across as random. Moving on. Jane takes all of her belongings with her to her friend’s family’s place – which certainly isn’t odd at all. 8-| Now is when it gets really weird – the author spent so much time describing this house in great detail, to the point it is overkill. She talks about famous painters, artists, sculptors, designers, and more. NONE of this mattered to me. Yes, I want the author to build a world that I can get lost in but throwing hard facts at me about painters or the types of theft that take place in the art world and you lose me. I didn’t care. It felt like there was just too much time spent describing things without telling any kind of a story. Don’t get me started on the umbrella making! Holy crow! I now know more about that than I ever wanted to and I never was curious about that to begin with. I’m sure there was some magic within the creepy house that had something to do with the overall story and why the art was missing, but I didn’t care.

Jane’s character was just an odd duck. She felt underdeveloped and thin to me, if that makes any sense. She was completely forgettable because she carried herself like a meek kitten not wanting to get in anyone’s way. How can the MC of a story be that way unless she grows into a badass? I didn’t see that happening here at all. Her friend, Kiran, was just a spoiled selfish bitch. She was bored because was rich and could do whatever she wanted. Oh boo-hoo. Go cry me a river elsewhere. I think there was a love interest but who knows. There are two boys but honestly there were so many characters (SO MANY) that I couldn’t remember who was who. They did not have unique voices so they all could have been the same character for all I knew.

I just could not stay with this one. If I had finished this audio, it would have taken me nearly 7.5 hours. I didn’t make it 2 before I gave up. I did not have a dog in this fight so I quit. I struggled to quit but I did. I just wish I could have enjoyed it like everyone else.



One thought on “DNF Review: Jane, Unlimited

  1. The chances of me reading this book dwindle with each negative review. I loved the Graceling books, but I am not sure about this one. I do appreciate that you took the time to thoughtfully explain why it didn’t work for you.


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