June/July/August/September Monthly Wrap Up


Hello everyone! I have been bad about doing my monthly wrap up! I can’t believe I haven’t completed this post since MAY. So sorry! Sit back and prepare yourself for the books I’ve read/completed/DNF over the past four months. This is a long list…

Books I Read

I roughly finished 90 books in the past four months. In my head I feel I should have/could have done better. Look at me, being such an overachiever. As always, most were through Overdrive while others were sent by publishers for book tours and/or review, and a few were through my Audible account. Thank you to the publishers!!

70 – Audio

20 – Physical


part 6part 5part 4part 3part 2part 1



There were some absolutely amazing books that I was able to finish in the above list. I struggled with quite a few books in the list above and some I DNFs. That’s every month and every reader, right?

Summer Book Events 

I attended Moxie book launch on September 30 at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston. It was so much fun! There was a DJ, cake pops (!!!), and so many amazing people! If you haven’t read Moxie, DO IT.

October Book Events

TEXAS TEEN BOOK FESTIVAL!! I am excited yet nervous to attend this as my first experience was not a good one. Let’s hope it goes smoother this year.


How about you? What did you read? What bookish events are on the calendar for you?



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