Review: Gemini



**Huge Thank You to the author for sending me a copy for review. This in no way influenced my review. My thoughts and comments are my own.**


I didn’t know a lot about the premise of this story and was pleasantly surprised by what I read. This is the story of conjoined twins, Clara and Hailey. They are just trying to figure out their way in life. Each twin has their own personality, interests, and dreams for the future. In true parent fashion, they want their kids to go to a local college but the girls don’t want that. They want to break free from their small town and have adventures. But can they really do that while attached to the other?

The story is told from alternating POVs, Clara and Hailey. I enjoyed reading directly from each twin, it gave me a better insight into their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It helped me realize just how different each twin really was. This was my first time reading about conjoined twins so it was a different read for me. It was hard to read about the mom being so overbearing but I couldn’t fault her for reacting the way she did. What parent wouldn’t worry so much about conjoined twins?

The reason I didn’t rate this story higher than 3 stars was because the romance was not as believable and parts of the story felt like a typical high school trope story. If you took the fact the girls were conjoined, it read like another high school drama story. But throw that in and things are a wee bit different. I’m not trying to nitpick but it stood out to me. The love interest, Max, didn’t feel as thought out to me. He was introduced as if he would play a significant part in the story but he faded into the background as the story continued. I didn’t understand that at all.

I did enjoy this story but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. It was  very interesting concept but it just did not completely do it for me. I wasn’t gushing and swooning by the end of the story but I am happy the ending turned out the way it did. I won’t spoil it for you – promise!





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