Review: Trusting You and Other Lies

Trusting You And Other Lies


I was hesitant to start this as contemporaries can be hit or miss, but I absolutely adore the narrator (Jorjeana Marie). I will listen to anything she narrates without question. The narrator is the only reason I finished. There was nothing original or exciting about this story. It is exactly what you think it will be.

Short recap: Phoenix is tired of her parents always lying to her and their constant emotional neglect. She knows they are about to lose their house since her dad won’t work and her mom is exhausted from working too much. Her family is given a free trip to vacation at Camp Kismet and it is the one time Phoenix allows herself to be a teenager without worrying so much about her family. Little does she know that an attractive boy, Callum, will find his way into her life. Can everything work out for Phoenix and her family?

This is a quick, lightweight read. There are no serious tones or heavy subjects. It is about a teen that is tired of her parents trying to shield her from the cold hard reality that is real life. What I couldn’t really understand is why Phoenix, a teenager still in high school, felt the need to harp at her parents so much about their adult problems. Sure, most teens would be worried about their parents if they had a close bond but that wasn’t the case here. Phoenix felt like she was trying to be the adult and lecture her parents. Last time I checked the parents were still the ones in charge, not the kids. They really did let their daughter get away with treating them horribly and I never understood why. There are a lot of supporting characters but none of them stood out to me. They all felt one-dimensional. Nothing memorable to write home about with them.

The story will end exactly how you think it will end. The plot is not complicated so don’t put too much emotional stock into the story. The characters try to make you believe they really did develop and grow up over the course of the story but it all felt too perfect… just too easy. You want me to believe that a family with that much emotional baggage and issues can fix everything over the course of a couple of weeks at camp? Get out of here.

I’m not upset I read this story, I’m glad I checked it off of my TBR. I am slightly jaded at how simple and too perfect the ending was. It felt like Williams was trying to wrap everything up in a pretty bow by the last page. She was selling and I didn’t buy. I can’t say I recommend this to anyone unless they are looking for something easy to read that doesn’t require too much involvement.




One thought on “Review: Trusting You and Other Lies

  1. I read this one, because I liked Crash so much. I agree in that it was nothing original and on the fluffier side (which I am a fan of), but I found the romance sweet, the characters likable, and the coming of age aspect good. The epilogue was good enough for me to push this to 3.5 stars.


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