Review: This Is Not The End

This Is Not the End


This book caught me off guard. I was not ready for it to be as captivating as it was. I borrowed it from my library because it was a “new release” and was surprised not more people are talking about it. Once I started, I was pushing it on everyone.

Short recap: Lake is coming up on her 18th birthday, which should be a joyous occasion but she lives in a time when turning 18 means you can bring someone back from the dead. She has the chance to bring back anyone she wants. The plan has been to bring back her older brother who has been a quadriplegic for years (the family plan has been to end his life before her birthday so he can be brought back healthy and whole). But everything changes when Lake gets into an accident that takes the lives of her best friend and boyfriend. With her 18th birthday just weeks away, who will she choose to bring back?

Lake, the protagonist, was a really good character to read. I connected with her and her struggle. Her emotions came through loud and clear – what was the right choice? Her boyfriend? Her best friend? Her brother? I was not a fan of Lake’s parents at all. They were the ones that made Lake promise at a young age to use her resurrection wish on her brother. Then after the accident they constantly reminded her in the snarkiest and rudest ways possible what her duties and responsibilities were. Even her brother was the biggest and rudest jerk on the face of the planet, and I’m being nice when I use those terms. Read the book and you’ll know he was so much worse. The character that I struggled with understanding was Ringo. Ringo was a boy Lake went to school with at a very young age. He stood out and was memorable to her because he had a huge birthmark across half of his face. They ran into each other at a therapist’s office and struck up a conversation. I like how Ringo was straightforward with Lake but I didn’t like how a relationship/romance started between them, almost like instalove. If nothing else, this story did not need a romance. Plus, it started so soon after her boyfriend passed away so it felt… creepy and wrong.

There is no way I’m going to ruin this story by telling you who she picked, but know the plot was well thought out and stayed on course. There were no hidden topics brushed over or weird outer space aliens thrown in for a plot twist. This was a dang good solid story of a girl struggling to figure out who she wants to bring back from the dead. Even though she had everyone pressuring her, she stayed true to herself.

I found the premise of this story fascinating. The story does not state that it is set in any distant future so maybe it’s just an alternate reality from ours. There was not backstory as to how one was able to resurrect someone but only that it could be done and it could be anyone. The one thing that was stressed was that the person brought back might not be the same. They could not be all there mentally. I was still captivated by the thought someone could be brought back and it made me wonder if I would do that to someone I loved… bring them back from the dead.

I really want people to read this story. It is a quick one yet it will leave you guessing until the end. Please, add to your TBR and read this one. Come back and let me know your thoughts after you do.




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