Review: Witchtown



I’m still struggling to write my review on this one. I borrowed it from my library with the pretense this will be a fantasy mystery thriller type story. WRONG. It was a slightly boring read with very little to do with actual witches. The ending was predictable and I was less than thrilled.

Short recap: Macie and her mother, Aubra, have been moving from witch haven to witch haven claiming to need shelter and safety. That’s a lie as their master plan is to rob the city folks and move on to the next town/haven. Their big finale plan is to rob the infamous Witchtown.

This story was a let down. I know that is a harsh way to start a review but it is true. I wanted so much more but quickly realized it was never going to happen. Macie’s character was not engaging. She was the stereotypical “But I don’t want to be bad, Mom! I’m a good girl!” character. She tried to fight her mom, her mom manipulated her daughter into helping, and Macie stewed in her growing disgust for her mom. The thing that should have been a bigger part of the book was the fact it was about witches. You could have made it all about blondes and it would have had the same effect. Calling these characters “witches” felt like it was for a way to enhance the story. Well, it didn’t work. The witches in the town of Witchtown (sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?) did very little witching. Very little witchy power was used at all. Most of them knew more about baking or herbs than powers.

I knew I should have DNFd this story when Macie grew to really like Witchtown. She liked the teens within because there was a cute boy. Groan. No surprised but Macie starts to develop feelings for this one cute boy but has constant flashbacks to the first boy she really liked but her mom took away from her. (I won’t give away the secret as to how she did that…) But because of the heavy “friendship is all the strength I need!!” montra from Macie and the “I want this boy to like me” vibes she was throwing off, I lost all interest in the outcome of the story. I did not care one bit what was going to happen.

Nothing about the story felt flushed out. The characters were all weak, flat, and one-dimensional. They had no substance to them whatsoever. They all filled one of the stereotypical roles (outcast, innocent who has a dark secret, brooding dreamy boy, vally girl who is too popular, etc). The setting was also underdeveloped. I read that there were streets, a bakery, a bank, a city hall, etc, but nothing more than that. I didn’t feel as if this place could actually exist. It did not feel believable at all. Even the overall plot itself was painfully predictable. I was not surprised by anything that happened. Hence the reason I wish I had DNFd.

This was just a disappointment of a story. There are heavy religious undertones and messages sprinkled throughout the entire story so expect that if you do read this. I won’t recommend it to you because I don’t want you to walk away as frustrated as I was… still am for reading this.



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