Review: This Darkness Mine

This Darkness Mine



It is a little difficult to say exactly what this book is about other than it’s a trip and it will mess with your mind. It’s dark, twisted, psychotic, and captivating. I couldn’t put this down. When people tell you that this book was confusing, believe them. The way this story started was not where it ended. McGinnis took this story down a dark and disturbing path that I couldn’t look away from.

This story focused around Sasha Stone, a good girl by nature. She was exceptional in school and music (clarinet). She never fought with her parents, never snuck out at night, never did anything wrong. She was perfect. All of that changed when she found a sonogram picture in a box inside of a closet… but the sonogram was of twins. Sasha was supposed to be a twin but her sister was reabsorbed by the mother’s body and never developed. This, along with other events, caused Sasha to change dramatically. She started hanging out with the bad boy, having sex with this bad boy (even though she had a boyfriend), started fighting with her parents, talking back to everyone, and doing everything uncharacteristic of Sasha. Let’s just say things get much darker and more intense after that. I won’t give anything away but if you want to know, pick up this book.

Now, while everything I mentioned above should be enough to hook you, know that this book was not 100 percent packed with OMG and WHAT?! moments. There were parts that were painfully boring and seemed to go on forever. The shock factors McGinnis put into this story was what kept my attention and me at the edge of my seat. When the story got into a lull, I started to lose my connection with the story. But no matter what – stick with this until the end. I want you to read it and come back to tell me your thoughts. Or if you have read it, tell me your thoughts! I cannot be the only person with so many questions.





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