Review: The Future of Us

The Future of Us


What in the ever loving actual was this. I wasn’t sure there was a way to screw up a sci-fi time travel-ish story but Asher and Mackler found a way to do it.

I’m not even giving a short recap. What you need to know is that this is set in the early 90s when the internet is still BRAND NEW and AOL is the only way to get internet access. Emma has just gotten a computer and her bestest friend (and crush) Josh has graciously brought her an AOL computer disk.

Let me stop here. Anyone born before or during this period of time will have no freaking clue what AOL disks are. *sigh*

Moving on. Emma creates an AOL email and suddenly has a “favorites” bookmark to Facebook. She cannot help but wonder what this is about so she clicks and discovers it is a way to see into the future! She realizes she can see what she is doing in 2011 and what everyone else is doing as well. This girl quickly becomes obsessed with making sure she is happy in 2011. If she sees she’s married to XXX, then she obsessively stalks XXX until she finds out who he is, what he does, and if she is happy. She cannot stop thinking about herself in the future.

I am going to stop again because this is where the book seriously started to piss me off. Emma’s character was so vapid and self-absorbed that she cared about nobody but herself. She could not stop trying to change every single thing about her life 15 years in the future. Example: She found out she was living in Ohio and blew a gasket. She then swore that she would never move to Ohio, checked FB, and BAM! She was living in a new city. She did stuff like this throughout the entire book. Not once did she stop to ever wonder why she had a link to a website 15 years in the future. *bangs head against desk*

Josh’s character was just as bad. He found out who he was married to in the future and then could not stop obsessing over it. I guess “obsessing” was the theme of this book. Anyways… he finds out he is married to the hottest girl in school and proceeds to walk around with a boner for the rest of the story. This boy was running on hormones and nothing else. That is all he could talk about and all he could think about. Gross. Emma was all about boys and “fixing” her loveless marriage so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. These were badly written characters in a badly written story.

I think this was supposed to be an attempt at a light hearted, somewhat comedic story but I never read it that way. What I read was pages and chapters of Josh and Emma reading their FB status updates from the future. SNOOZEFEST. Who cares?! Nothing happened. This was not a fantastic throwback to the 90s type story. There was so very little that linked this to the 90s other than the reference to AOL and a modem. Oh, there is heavy reference to the Dave Matthews band so be prepared for that. But outside of those few items, this could have been set in 2007 and had the same effect. Writing a book for YA readers that were born in the same year as the story probably wasn’t the smartest idea. Again, pretty damn sure not all teens today even know what cassette tapes are, or Walkmans for that matter. Stop trying so hard to be hip and cool.


This was so much more than a let down for me. Maybe if I was a much younger reader I would be fascinated by this story but as I am not, I was not into this story. It was painfully dull and boring. The overall plot was weak at best. The characters were self centered, shallow, and lifeless. I didn’t care what they were doing or who they ended up with. I had zero cares to give about this book. The premise and cover promised a cyber-type mystery but I’m here to tell you, my friends, that was not the case. Don’t be fooled, this is not the best use of your reading time. Find another book and move on.



3 thoughts on “Review: The Future of Us

  1. What a great review *cough* rant *cough* and some great points you brought up here. I’ve glanced at this title a number of times but never seemed to pick it up… now at least I know that it’s not, and to pass over in the future. Keep up the great posts! 😀 I feel like this comment needs to be accompanied by an animated gif to roll all of my feels into one moment – but I’ll just have to settle for me cheering you on. Keep up the fantastic reviews!!


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