Review: Juliet Immortal

Juliet Immortal (Juliet Immortal, #1)


Sweet mother of pearl. What was this story. I will start by saying the cover ABSOLUTELY does not match the story. Not one bit. The cover makes the story seem like a heart breaking tale of the most famous teen lovers and how it was a lie. HA. This was more like zombie hunters, betrayals between the two, INSTALOVE, and other things that make no sense.

I liked the idea this story had. It gave a spin on Romeo and Juliet to where they just hate each other. Romeo betrayed Juliet and because of that the both of them are forced to spend their eternity making sure other soul mates are together. Not too bad but the execution of the plot was bad… really bad. Romeo was a jerk, no big stretch there. He and Juliet were always “reincarnated” into the bodies of two people in some random place and time. Alright… I’m still on board. His role was to keep the soul mates from getting together while Juliet’s role was to make sure they do. Yeaaahhh, now you are losing me.

Throughout the course of the story, it is very, very slowly explained what really happened before Romeo and Juliet killed themselves. Did it help the story? EHHH, not so much. There was so much back and forth in regards to what reality they were talking about that it gave me whiplash. Juliet was constantly hung up on finding out what happened back then that she kept losing focus on her current assignment. (yeah, insert eye roll here) What made it all truly unbearable was that Juliet had instalove with a present day guy. Are. You. Kidding. Me. GAHHH! WHYYYYYYY!? Instalove is never, ever, ever necessary. It is never believable and it makes me want to immediately DNF a book. I wish I had DNFd this one. It would have saved me a lot of headache. The author really tried to make me believe that Juliet had instafeelings and instalove for a boy she swore was the soul mate of the girl she was trying to find. That’s not a compelling plot twist, that’s just bad.

The thing that really sealed the fate of this book for me was the ending. Holy phoning it in, Batman. It was just downright dumb. It was another level of weaksauce that I didn’t know existed. What a full on dumpster fire of a story. I know this came out years ago and I’m late to the party per usual, but better late than never. I had been eyeing this at the store and now so happy to know I can leave it on their shelf instead of mine. If you see this one, make a hard pass. It is not worth your time. I believe this is the first book in a series and I assure you I won’t even consider reading the next book.





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