ARC Review: When Light Left Us

When Light Left Us


**I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Bloomsbury for the opportunity!**


I’m sad to report that while this book has a beautiful cover and a great premise, the story itself fell incredibly flat for me. I just did not like it as much as I had hoped. This really is the most unusual book I have read in quite some time and that isn’t really a compliment. It is about an alien who has come to Earth and has impacted a family. This is the story of how that family has been impacted and their struggle to live with that.

When it comes to characters… well… they are not easy to describe. Luz, the alien, has taken certain features from the various family members and uses them for himself. From one kid he takes his hearing, another is their eyes (or the ability to blink?), you get the idea. All of this happened after the father of this family left in the middle of the night. He had just helped them build a tree house in the middle of nowhere but left after that was built. I’m struggling to properly describe these characters… I’m sorry for that. The main thing is that the alien is a bit of an asshole (he really is) and the family members are just weird. The chapters are told from various POVs (the kids) but it comes across as broken and random. None of it makes much sense. I found that I just could not connect with any of the characters because I couldn’t understand what they were going through.

The plot of the story was just as confusing as the characters. Was this supposed to be a contemporary story? Perhaps a sci-fi? Or maybe a coming of age? I wasn’t sure for the longest time. I had zero idea where things were going to go because the beginning of the book was rather boring. Believe me when I say that almost NOTHING happened. I’m going to sound like a broken record but I found myself not caring what happened. I found myself wanting to DNF several times because if I cannot connect to the story or find myself able to not read the book and be okay by page 100, then I’m done. I did stick with this one and it did get a little better but it was not a substantial improvement.

I don’t like writing reviews like this… it was overall an okay story but not one I would recommend to others or force them to add to their TBR. It was just too confusing with no clear direction. The characters were not that well developed, nor was the plot. I think I knew what the author was trying to do but she took the most confusing route to get there. I wanted to like this so much more than I did.





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