Review: History Is All You Left Me

History Is All You Left Me


I have slowly been making my way through Adam Silvera books and find that I generally like them. That all changed after I tried reading History Is All You Left Me. I struggled so hard to like this but it wasn’t in the cards for me.

Short recap: Griffin is struggling with the sudden loss of his first, ex-boyfriend, and true love – Theo. Griffin lashes out at everyone and everything because he cannot get over the fact that Theo is actually gone. He struggles to talk to Theo’s boyfriend before the accident, Jackson. Really, he hates Jackson because he was with Theo at the end, not Griffin. And the story goes on like that for a lot of pages.

See, I cannot even write the recap of the book. It was a badly written grief book in my eyes. Not only was Griffin going through grief, he had severe OCD. Now I don’t have OCD to the level that Griffin does, but I don’t feel it was portrayed properly in this story. I know it cannot be easy to explain why someone has OCD but the things that set Griffin off and the way he handled it were just awkward. Basically I just did not like Griffin. His level of obsession with Theo was mind blowing. Griffin was the one that broke up with Theo yet felt he still needed to be with him so he internet stalked him. He compared everything he and Theo did to what Theo and Jackson did. See – not healthy. Then he treated Theo’s new boyfriend, Jackson, like garbage because Theo chose to move on. How is that Jackson’s fault?! I didn’t believe Jackson did anything wrong. Griffin was so defensive and argumentative it was maddening. How could I possibly get behind a character like that? He was completely self-destructive, self-absorbed, and narrow minded. He walked around believing that only he was truly grieving for the loss of Theo. Tell you what, Griffin, go to the hardware store – buy some lumber – build a bridge – get over it. You are not the only person who knew/liked/loved/cared about Theo. You chose to break up with him and therefore Theo chose to move on with his life like an adult. Just because you made a stupid move doesn’t mean Theo or Jackson or anyone else did anything wrong. You messed up and you want everyone to pay for it. Well, look at that, your table reservation under the name “Pity Party for 1 person” is ready. Have fun sulking by yourself because I don’t give a rat’s ass.

Please don’t get me started on the part of the story where Griffin starts to have feelings for Jackson. That is when I nearly threw in the towel. This was not a hate-to-love-trope. I’m not even sure what it was other than a big book of Nope. I skimmed after that but should have DNFd.

I loved some of Adam’s other books but this one did not hit the mark for me. I did not care for the characters or their stories. None of them felt special, remarkable, or even memorable. Do I recommend? No, for fear another reader might have the same reaction I did. If you did read and love this, I do wish I could have read this through your eyes because I wanted so much to enjoy it.



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