Review: Twelve Steps To Normal

Twelve Steps to Normal


I struggled to get through this book. I know some readers will really connect with it and sing praises but I won’t be one of those readers.

Short recap: Kira has been living with her Aunt for almost a year. She was sent to live with her Aunt after her father’s drinking problem escalated and lives were in danger. She moves back in to try to work on fixing the relationship with her dad and get her life back.

Whoa howdy, this was a tough book. I don’t mean “tough book” in that it was emotionally draining and made me cry, I mean “tough book” in that I wanted to smack Kira constant for being a bitch. Her character was horrid. She was self centered, self-absorbed, nasty, negative, whiny, and just all round mean. There was no true redeeming quality to her. Her time in this book was spent plotting ways get her old life back by making a twelve step plan. That felt incredibly insensitive in my eyes. The Twelve Step program addicts go through is incredibly personal and serious, not to be used and mistreated the way Kira did. She spent time trying to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend, who was now dating one of her best friends. What kind of sick person does that?! Kira could not leave it alone! She was the one that broke up with him before she left! She also chose not to keep in touch with her best friends because she was embarrassed that her dad was an alcoholic. This girl was Satan’s spawn or close to it. What a nasty, ungrateful child.

When she wasn’t plotting to get her best friends back and her ex-boyfriend back, she was plotting ways to get her dad’s roommates (who were also recovering alcoholics) kicked out of the house. She never tried to get to know them even though they were nothing but nice and caring towards her. She was always making rude comments about how they needed to get jobs and move out. Apparently, sweetie, you don’t know how adulting or the real life works. Now granted, I will take a step back and say that Kira did not have an easy childhood as she spent most of her time hiding her dad’s drinking problem. Why she was never enrolled in ALANON after she was taken from her father’s care is beyond me. It was clear that she never offered treatment nor did she receive any type of counseling. I do believe that would have helped her tremendously. Instead she chose to be a bitch the entire time thinking she could just take back what was hers before and slide back into her old life.

That being said – told you I had a rant – Kira was the worst character. The other characters were actually pretty enjoyable: her dad’s housemates, her best friends, and former friends. They all tired so hard to look past Kira’s meanness and forgive. Sadly, it was not enough to overshadow a fraction of the mean that came from the MC.

I wish I had DNFd because I was not excited to read this story once I got a clear picture of the MC and her motives. I get that she wanted her dad back but c’mon! I found myself just rolling my eyes a lot and groaning with anger. Don’t be like me – if you feel the need to DNF, stop the book and move on. I wish I had. Just thinking of this book is upsetting me again.




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