Review: Suitors and Sabotage

Suitors and Sabotage


I have been hesitant to write my review for this because I do not fancy writing less than stellar reviews. The struggle was real with this book and I’ll explain why.

I did not read any other reviews before borrowing this book, I went into with fresh eyes and that was the best way to go. I won’t write a short recap because I cannot be absolutely sure what this story was about. I think I have an idea and I’ll be slightly upset if that was it because it was lame. I can tell you that I found this story dull, lifeless, and drawn out far too much. There is supposed to be a mystery within the story but I felt that was hidden beneath the story of two girls trying desperately to catch the eye of boys so they can be married. The story does take place in a date in time where females were to be proper and well mannered, never showing ankle or looking too long at a male for fear of being considered a tramp. You get the idea. That is what a majority of the story was – two girls giggling and talking about ways to catch a boy’s eye. Boring.

I did mention there was some story of mystery but it was weak and spread incredibly thin. An item, such as a necklace, was moved or the dog was found tied up in the barn. There was never anything harmful done to anyone nor were there notes. So what was the point? Odd things that happened were always brushed off so there was no sense of urgency. Why include that story line if you aren’t going to expand upon it?

Don’t get me started on the romance. Alright, I’ve started myself on the topic. It was just .. awkward. There couldn’t be just an attraction between a boy and a girl, NOPE. There had to be a love triangle or quadrangle, perhaps? It was complicated for the sake of being complicated. It did not add to the story, it made it worse. I didn’t care who chose whom. I had no dog in that fight.

I walked away from this story deeply disappointed. I normally really like period stories like this, but this needed revision. There was no developed plot, weak characters, and just too much crammed into one story. This novel didn’t know what it wanted to be when it grew up and that was sad. It had potential. I couldn’t wait to be done with this book so I skimmed – quickly.



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