Review: Legendary (Caraval #2)

Legendary (Caraval, #2)


How can I properly review this book AND do it justice? That struggle is so real.

Short recap: This book picks up where Caraval left off, only it is told from Tella’s POV. Tella’s story is far different from her sister’s – she made secret deals/agreements that now are coming due. On top of that, Tella desperately wants to find her Mom and she knows the secret to finding her is within Caraval. Can Tella pay up on the promises she made while being able to keep her sister safe and find her Mom?

I hope that recap did the book justice, if not I apologize. I loved this story and world so much that I tend to get tongue tied.

Everything about this story was magic. Magic and the allure of Caraval was still very present and alive within the pages of Legendary. I was quickly and immediately swept back into the grandeur of this world and never wanted to leave. The characters were still one of the main focal points of the story. As I mentioned, this story is told from Tella’s POV. It did take me a moment to adjust to her form of storytelling as I was not her biggest fan in the first book. It did not take long for me to understand that Tella has so much more going on than was touched upon in the first story. This girl has some huge skeletons in her closet! Plus, her voice gave a depth to the story that made it feel more rich and developed. Scarlet was still present but her role very so much smaller and that was not an issue.

The story line was just amazing. I really enjoyed the direction of Tella’s story and it felt refreshing to read. Before I started, I felt hesitant to open this book because I was wondering where the story could go but leave it to Garber to be bloody brilliant and constantly pull rabbits out of her hat (all puns intended). There was so much more mystery and intrigue than the first book and it was perfect. While this is still set within the world of Caraval, it still came across as original and fresh. One thing I will note that made me sit up and take stock was the expansion of the mythology and magic within the world of Caraval. Legend’s name was still thrown around because it seems he could have invented the word “mysterious”. The intrigue behind him and his traveling magic party was increased a million fold after this book. I need to know more!

I don’t know how many more great things I can say about this book that will prompt you to read it. Garber is an exceptional storyteller and has outdone herself with her second book. You want this in your hands because when the final book comes out next year, you won’t want to miss it. Get these two books now and get lost in Caraval.




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