ARC Review: The Unfortunates

The Unfortunates

**I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**


I am a reader that can be (and usually is) drawn to a book by the cover alone. Just take this book for example: it screams something deadly happened and there has to be a delicious story behind it. Well, sadly, the cover does not match the story between the covers.

Short recap: Grant Tavish the Fifth has never wanted for anything. The son of a popular politician and that also means he is constantly in the spotlight. Something terrible happened at the hands of Grant that cost the lives of innocent people but Grant is getting off with merely a slap on the wrist. This is driving Grant crazy as he feels he should be held responsible for what happened. Grant has decided that during his upcoming “right of passage” solo survival camping trip, he is going to end his life and end the burden he has put on his family. Once finally on his trip, nothing goes the way it should. Events take place that force Grant to take a deep, hard look at himself and what he wants out of life. Will Grant find his will to live and do what is right or will he give into his depression?

I want to first state that this is a short read. The book itself is just over 200 pages and I was able to finish very quickly. Why do I point out that it’s a quick read? Because it didn’t feel like enough time to properly develop characters or a solid plot. It was a page turner, no doubt about that, but I found myself going through the motion of page turning because I felt I already knew what was going to happen. Maybe that’s just my experienced reader side kicking in. It takes a lot to make me clutch my pearls nowadays and sadly this book did not do that for me. I predicted the ending very early on. Now, please don’t think that is me telling you not to read this book. That isn’t the case at all! I can see and do see how a lot of readers will devour this book and love the story. Remember how I always say that not ever book is for ever reader? This is what I mean. I did enjoy it, yes, but it did not blow my hair back the way I had hoped.

That being said, I mentioned character development. Grant’s character arc felt rather rushed, but that could be because of the shortness of the book. Plus Grant gets stuck in a cave and he (nor the reader) have any idea how much time has passed. It makes it difficult to get a good gauge on his actual arc. Regardless, I found myself feeling bad for Grant. He did ask to be born into a life that had rules, regulations, and responsibilities but he was trying to figure it out the best way he could. His home life was FUBAR in the worst way possible. Those people needed professional help. It felt like there were so many topics that could have been explored but were brushed over. Personally, I wanted to know more about that baby room. EEK. (Read the book and you’ll know EXACTLY what I am talking about. I wanted more about that!)

Overall I did enjoy this story but knew the ending almost from the start. The title alone gives me pause because it really does not fit the book, nor does the cover. In a metaphorical way I can see why the cover would fit but I had to dig deep to put those two together. No matter what, I think a lot of people would enjoy this and I hope everyone gives it a shot.



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