Review: Ash Princess

Ash Princess



I had such high hopes for this one. Just look at that cover! I know a cover shouldn’t mean much but when one looks that pretty, I just really get my hopes up that the story will be just as awesome. Sadly…. this was not what I expected.

Here is what stood out the most to me about this story: it was not original. I felt as if I had read it a million times over in other high fantasy stories where a princess has lost her throne, held prisoner by invaders, and finds a way to rebel and get her throne back. Sounds like some other stories you’ve read, doesn’t it? You can now see why I never really connected with the characters or the story. I tried to, I really tried to, but everything fell flat.

This was also a story where there was a metric ton of talking included. SO. MUCH. TALKING. That could have been one of the big factors as to why I couldn’t connect to the story – the world building was lacking due to too many people always talking and character development was struggling because they would always be conversing.

Also – love triangle. *insert eye roll here* I shouldn’t have been surprised with the way the entire story went but it doesn’t make me cringe any less. It did not add anything but confusion to the overall story. Not to mention that most other high fantasy stories incredibly similar to this one have the same formula.

Overall, I walked away completely disappointed. I was so excited by the blurb and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. While it is the author’s debut, it just fell flat. Nothing was developed for the amount of talking the characters did. I didn’t learn anything about them so I never connected. The world building was weak and the story could have easily been set anywhere for all it was described. I tried but couldn’t click with this one. I won’t be picking up the sequel.




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