Review: Save The Date

Save the Date


If there is one thing I love about the contemporary genre – it is Morgan Matson books. This girl knows how to write! Just in time for the wedding season, her latest book is one you don’t want to miss.

Short recap: The Grant family is a force to be reckoned with and one that nearly everyone knows. The family has been immortalized in comic form as the mom chose to put her family’s antics into syndication and share with the world. The youngest Grant, Charlie, has a hard time letting go and moving on, however. She is the last sibling at home and loves her family time. With her big sister’s wedding just days away, Charlie is thrilled at the idea of the family being together one last time before her childhood house is sold. What could go wrong with everyone in town? Everything, apparently.

Not to sound too cliche but there wasn’t much about this story that I didn’t enjoy. It was a roller coaster of chaos and mishaps that on times felt like too much. There is no way everything within a wedding could go wrong the way it did in this story. Sure, it was probably for the sake of humor and/or moving the story along, but there was a point where it felt like a little too much. What did cause me to give the higher rating to the overall story (4.5 stars) was the fact that this story was presented in all of its wonder with little to no love story involved! How can that happen? It’s a Morgan Matson story! I know it may be hard to believe but it’s true! Sure, Charlie’s character does have a boy she is crushing on and he does have a presence (obviously) but that isn’t the focus of the story. Family and friends stay the focal point and I thought that was brilliant.

This was completely a character driven story and it was done marvelously. Charlie was the youngest and last Grant to leave the family nest. She was having a hard time at the thought of another family living in her home but she doesn’t have a voice in the matter. She will soon be leaving to go to college and move on with her life. It was kind of crappy the way her siblings always expected her to solve their problems. But on the opposite side of that coin, Charlie never did stand up to her siblings to tell them that they would have to take care of themselves at some point. It felt like Charlie over-extended herself and scarified herself to make everyone else happy. That doesn’t ever end well. She does grow and have a great character arc throughout the story so never fear.

Although this is a big book and a long audio, it does fly by quickly. Why? Because it never slows down! There is always, and I do mean always, something happening. Whether it was the house alarm always going off, the neighbor claiming that things were too noisy, the war with the snotty papergirl not delivering papers, or the Journey cover band, it was a non-stop adventure. I know that seems like the wrong way to describe this story but it sort of was. I was addicted and could not wait to see what crazy thing happened next.

Do I recommend this to people? ABSOLUTELY. I loved every minute. This author is an auto-buy for me and always will be. I have yet to read a book of hers that I did not enjoy. This story pulled at my heartstrings and made me say, “AWWWW!” several times. If you have not read this already, please add it to your TBR and read as soon as you can. This was worth the time.



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