Review: Cadaver & Queen

Cadaver & Queen (Cadaver & Queen, #1)


You want to know what drew me to this novel? The cover. The cover alone is what made me read this and that is such a fault of mine. This shouldn’t really be a ‘fault’, more like it causes me to read books that aren’t always that good.

Because I cannot exactly remember what this story should be about, I won’t do a recap. I believe it is supposed to be a retelling of Frankenstein but I wouldn’t have figured that out on my own. A girl named Lizzie enrolls in a medical school where she studies to become a doctor. What Lizzie doesn’t know is that there are things called bio-mechanicals in the school. Lizzie finds one in her school and befriends it. It seems she can understand everything he says. This seems to be a rare gift. She quickly discovers she there is more going on at the school than she knew.

Here is the main takeaway from the story: Nothing really happens throughout the entire book. This is a painfully boring story. There was no creep factor, there was no suspense, there was no sense of mystery. There was a girl who was living in a time that looked down upon the female gender and thought they were good for nothing more than cooking and having babies. I kept drifting while trying to get through because it just could not keep my attention. I often had to go back to reread what I just read because I thought I missed something important but I didn’t – there was nothing important.

There was nothing about this story that stood out to me at all. The characters were just meh, the setting was forgetful, and the plot was weak. I pushed through the story because I kept hoping it would get better but it never did. I still cannot figure out how this was a Frankenstein retelling but that is just me. Maybe some other readers will like this story and it enjoy it more than me.

One thought on “Review: Cadaver & Queen

  1. Awww rats! I was so interested in the idea of a Frankenstein retelling. Especially with a female lead! That could have been amazing. Have you ever read Nightspell by Leah Cypess? The cover of this book reminds me of Nightspell’s story. (There is a whole kingdom of ghosts and some political drama about who will become queen, I think.) Sorry this one was a bust, though. :/


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