ARC Review: Finding Yvonne

Finding Yvonne


If there is one thing I know about Brandy Colbert, it is this: She. Can. Write. Colbert is masterful with her words. The story found within the cover of this book will stay with you long after you put the book down.

Short recap: Going into her senior year, Yvonne is becoming unsure of what she wants her future to be. She has always played the violin and is really good at it, but suddenly starts to question if she is good enough or even wants to play professionally. Continuing to question other parts of her life leads her to ask questions about what really happened to her mother and even start relationships with two boys, which is something she never would normally do. Will she be able to make it through this teenage life crisis?

While this is a quick read, it is a powerful one. The entire story is raw, gritty, and real. The events that Yvonne goes through were believable and I felt for her. This girl was simply trying to figure herself out and what she wanted her life after high school to be. She was by no means down on her luck and scrounging for scraps. Her father did very well for himself, and by extension did well by his daughter. He could have been more attentive father but he did the best that he could. The same goes for Yvonne’s best friend. They had their fair share of arguments and disagreements, but in the end they were sisters from another mister.

The main thing that I truly loved about this story was how Colbert wrote Yvonne’s character to never be ashamed of her choices or decisions, no matter how impulsive or irresponsible they may have been. Yvonne was also unapologetic about her sexual choices – that was so refreshing to read. This is something that we need more of in YA lit. Teens should not be ashamed because it is going to happen, regardless of what adults/parents may think.

I hope you can sense how much I’m trying not to give too much away because I still want people to read this story if they have not already. This was a wonderful coming of age story where a teenage girl finds herself and strength in those around her. She finds out who truly cares about her and what is most important in her life. If that doesn’t make you want to pick up this book, then I’m not sure what else I can say without ruining the entire book. I could do that! Don’t tempt me! But, again, I want you to give this a chance. Colbert’s writing reached another level of amazing in this book. I wish I could buy a copy and put it in the hands of all YA readers.



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