Review: Busted



This book came out of nowhere for me. I only listened to the audio because Audible recommended it to me. They know me so well. The cover makes the story seem like it will be some type of mystery/thriller but that isn’t the case at all. This is a fun contemporary that I couldn’t get enough of.

Short recap: Marisa seems to have a hidden talent for finding the truth out about people. One day she caught her best friend’s boyfriend cheating and snapped a photo for proof. Word quickly spread of what Marisa was willing to do to protect her best friend. Suddenly everyone wants Marisa to bust their significant other in a horrible act. An old friend goes too far by creating a website advertising Marisa as a Reverse Cupid. Things quickly get out of control (as Marisa never asked for this to happen) and the old friend hires Marisa to become friends with her boyfriend to find out why he doesn’t like her anymore. The one big problem? Marisa starts to develop feelings for her old friend’s boyfriend. Can Marisa figure out what is going on before she, herself, is busted?

I know my recap is a little confusing but I promise you this book is a lot of fun. It is far more lighthearted than the cover lets on. Also, there is more to the story than just the MC going around trying to catch cheaters. It talks about friendships, relationships, family, cheating (all kinds of cheating), and even online bullying. I am not kidding when I say this book is more than just its cover.

I felt this was a very character driven book. Marisa was a very well developed and executed character. She was fierce, very smart, caring, and selfless, all of the qualities I would want in a best friend. The way she would always do everything within her power to help her friends really stood out. She was very close to her brother and that radiated from the story. Her family was very important to her, even though we did not get to see a lot from or of her parents. It felt refreshing to read a book where the daughter got along with her entire family and wasn’t upset with them for something ridiculous. Let’s not forget the large supporting cast found within this story – Marisa’s best friend, the boyfriend, the classmates, and a lot of other people. They all felt like individuals and their voices sounded unique. That helped to give the story depth and complexity.

The plot of the story captivated me. Most of the time I like stories that start out one direction and end somewhere completely different. This started out with Marisa catching her best friend’s boyfriend cheating and ended with Marisa trying to find the person who was framing her best friend for cheating in school. It was a thought provoking read because I believe this type of scenario happens more times than we know.

It is no doubt that I enjoyed this. I’ve said it as many times as I could fit into this story. I am very happy I gave this story a chance. I know this will not be the last time that I read books from this author.



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