Review: One Small Thing

One Small Thing


Yall, no. All of the NO. This was one story I wish I could unread. I don’t believe I’ve ever said those words about a book before. That should tell you something.

I cannot even give a short recap because I’m not sure what the overall plot of the story was supposed to be other than weak, badly mapped out, and triggering.

Here is the reason I gave this one star and will not ever recommend this story to anyone: blatant ongoing abuse. You read that correctly everyone. Abuse is rampant in this story and it was handled so very badly. I am a domestic abuse survivor and I can tell you that being abused even once will leave a lasting impression on you. It will stay with you for a long time. The way it was handled in this book make my skin crawl and pissed me off for days. Abuse, both to people and animals, is the ONE topic I cannot tolerate.  It felt like it was added to this story for one of two reasons: to either help move the story along or simply as a talking point. Whatever the reason, it pissed me off. The author put it in the story but did nothing with it. It was unnecessary as it did not help the story at all. It did not add another level or more depth, it was casually brushed over like it was totally fine for a girl to be verbally and emotionally abused by a boy because the boy was cute and popular. Get out of here with that crap. That’s the wrong message to send.

Moving on because I could talk about that for days.

I struggled to find the actual point of the story. The MC lost her sister three years previous to a tragic accident, I can understand that the family would be struggling to cope or even find a way to cope with that loss. What I couldn’t understand was why the author went hulk extreme with the parents being beyond overprotective of their remaining daughter. It felt like they were pushing some line of getting the authorities involved. I can see them being blinded by their grief to overcompensate but this was just too much. Maybe I was supposed to feel even worse for the MC because of how she was being treated but it was hard to do that. She came across as a serious bitch with a massive chip on her shoulder. I could not – and did not – take her side.

Let’s continue with my issues with the MC, shall we? In the very beginning of the story, she chose to rebel against her parents by going to a party, getting drunk and sleeping with a boy. All usual ways for kids to rebel, not surprised at all. But she discovers the next day that the boy she slept with was the boy that killed her sister. Sorry but I was not shocked by this revelation, instead I was confused by it. Why would this be a good story line? The MC ends up developing strong feelings for this boy while everyone bashes him. She always defends him which causes her to be shunned and treated terribly by everyone. By everyone I mean her parents, her friends, and random kids from her school. And brace yourself – here is were the cycle of abuse comes in. The kids were constantly updating her parents on what was going on so they would bring the hammer down even harder on her. They quit her jobs for her, they take away her car, they take away her phone, and they take away her door. Are you serious. I mean, come on. They constantly disregarded everything she had to say, track her every movements, install an alarm in the house so they know which doors/windows she uses, and search her rooms for drugs. I should have checked out at that point because the story never got better for me..

This level of ridiculousness continued throughout the entire story. It was just absurd. How was this a contemporary story? The swoony feelings the MC had for the boy just did not feel real to me. It was a forced and awkward relationship. She was the one pushing for her. She felt she needed to hold on to him no matter what. Honey, there are a ton of other boys out there. It’s okay to move on.

Clearly I did not enjoy this book. It felt like one mental abuse session taking place over the course of a couple hundred pages. The MC did nothing but forgave everyone for treating her like crap, which in turns gave these people permission to keep doing it. I’m not a fan of that at all. Nothing felt resolved. The author tried to tie everything up in a nice bow in the last few chapters but it did not work for me. Something as serious as this topic cannot be cleaned up in 20 pages. This really is one book I am not recommending to anyone.

But never forget what I say – not every book is for ever reader. If you read this and loved it, I wish I could have read it through your eyes.



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