Review: The Royal We

The Royal We


I cannot tell you exactly how long this book had been on my TBR but it was years. This book came out in 2015 so I waited over three years to finally check this one off the list. Let me tell you, I enjoyed this SO MUCH!

Short recap: Rebecca “Bex” Porter had no idea just what was in store for her when she traveled overseas to attend Oxford. She would never have guessed that THE Prince Nicholas would also be attending and their paths would cross in the most strange and unusual ways. Bex’s life spins out of control as she tries (and fails) not to fall for Prince Nicholas. They both deny their feelings but ultimately fate wins out. Can Bex survive Nicholas’ grandmother, The Queen? Can she learn to navigate the press? The fans? The hate that will come from those closest to her?

This particular story has gained momentum in the wake of the infamous Harry and Meghan royal wedding. What girl doesn’t dream of that happening to her? We all do, don’t deny it. ❤ That’s what drew me to this story. I wanted to read about an all-American girl fighting her feelings for the ultra dashing and very eligible Prince. This book did not disappoint me. I wish I could reread it again for the first time.

The writing style of this story was brilliant. It flowed with the grace and beauty (no pun intended). I was so swept away in the writing that the book was over long before I was ready for it to be. Especially with that ending! WHOA! But I’m getting ahead of myself. The authors did a masterful job of writing from Bex’s POV … essentially in reverse. Bex relives how she came to be with Nicholas and she starts at the very beginning, leaving no detail out. I found that wildly entertaining.

The characters were the other bright spots in the story. They were deeply flawed and wonderfully complex. Just when I thought I had them figured out, their insecurities would rise and I would discover a new (and probably nasty) side to them. Talk about mirroring real life, eh? Having Bex as the voice was delightful. Her honest and real voice added an additional depth to the story that really made the whole story memorable for me. I could not help but cheer for her as she told her story.

I will not ever be able to say enough good things about this. I’m trying like the dickens to not over-sell it but you get that I loved it. I won’t dissect every scene but know that it felt I could have witnessed this type of story happen to a good friend. It felt believable and real. I appreciated that more than I can put into words. If you have been curious about this one, please pick it up. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



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