Review: Tradition



I have found that I do enjoy books set at schools but this was not one of those books. This was absolutely not what I expected.

I am not doing a recap as I am not entirely sure what this book was supposed to be about. I know the premise but I believe it missed its mark in my eyes. It was supposed to be about rape culture but it fell flat. Here is why – the story was boring as all get out. This was one of the most boring and uneventful stories I have read in a while. The topic was clearly enough to get me to borrow the story, but it was not enough to keep my attention.

The characters were underdeveloped and weak… dare I say they felt unoriginal? Jules was nothing to write home about. She felt like a bad representation of what the author felt a feminist should be. The motivation behind her was not believable. Bax was your garden variety ally with zero personality. Together, these two made for a frightful read.

There was rape within the pages of this book yet I don’t feel it was handled correctly. It is a serious topic that should have been taken seriously but it wasn’t. The overall story was not developed, much like everything else within this story. It was utterly forgettable. In good faith I could not and will not recommend this to anyone. This will be a short review as I have stated my case for why I did not enjoy this one. If you do give this a try, do so gingerly (no pun intended). You may become as bored as I was and forget what you are reading or quickly lose interest.



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