Review: Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts)

Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts)



I could not help but be intensely curious about this book when it was announced. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I hate to admit how shocked I when the story started, not used to that type of content in books, but then I realized that might make me a prude. I’m not. It was more real and honest than I was used to… and I quickly discovered I liked it.

Short recap: Out and proud high school student Jack has never apologized for living his best life. He is unashamed of who he is and what he wants. Not every student or teacher at his school feels the same way. They believe he should “tone it down”. That won’t happen. Things in Jack’s life start to take a dark turn after he starts writing an advice column for his best friend’s blog. Jack starts getting creepy, disturbing “love notes” from a stalker. What is Jack going to do? He has told the adults (principal and teachers) at his school but since they don’t believe in his lifestyle choices they don’t believe him. After things continue to escalate, Jack has to make some very tough decisions in order to feel somewhat safe. Who is sending Jack these notes and making this outrageous demands? Can Jack put a stop to all of this and get his fabulous life back?

I’m here to tell you that this book took one hell of a dark turn… and it worked. The story started out very carefree with Jack talking about how he is unashamed of who he is and the lifestyle he leads. I admired that in his character. I found myself wishing I had half of that much confidence (either in HS or now). It was fierce and I wanted to be friends with him in real life. He was such a loyal and unapologetic friend, it was refreshing. His two best friends were also amazing. They had his back no matter what and I loved reading about that. The rest of the characters all played their roles, some nastier than others, but that’s the real world.

If there is one thing I want to really say about this book, it is that it felt believable. I truly believed crap like this would happen and does happen. It is a different time for teens than when I was in school. I feel kids can be nastier and feel they can get away with more without consequences. I’m a big believer in karma and that those who do bad will eventually get what is coming to them. That did happen in this book and it made my little soul happier.

I had moments early on in the book where I wanted to DNF. I thought it was too much but opted to give it a chance. I am forever glad I did. Jack’s story was better than I could have imagined and made me want to try to be more confident in my life. If you haven’t already given this one a go, please do so ASAP. You need some Jack in your life.



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