Review: Little White Lies

Little White Lies (Debutantes, #1)


This book was far more fun than should be allowed. It was witty, snarky, with just enough who-dun-it to be wickedly entertaining.

Short recap: Sawyer Taft has never been close to her mother’s family. Everything about that changes when her estranged grandmother shows up on her doorstep with a contract in hand offering Sawyer a very large amount of money for one season. That’s right, one season … a debutante season in the South. The thing is, Sawyer doesn’t know anything about that life. She is a foul mouthed mechanic who never backs down from a good insult. But she has a very hard time resisting the six-figure contract and the opportunity to find out who her real dad is. She decides the deal is worth it and packs up to spend the season with her grandmother. Will she be able to survive the season though?

I did go into this story with all of the hopes and dreams that the fun and snark I’ve come to know and love with Barnes books would not fail me… and I was not let down! From the very beginning I was on Team Sawyer. This girl felt like my spirit animal. The girl was gritty, tough, and never back down from anything. She had wicked street sense and knew how to handle herself in most situations. I say most because if it came to holding her tongue or not sassing someone, she was terrible at it. This girl could speak her mind. I loved it. Sawyer was quick witted, sassy, tough as nails, yet mature enough to back down and admit defeat when necessary. She was the perfect MC. The girls she befriends (maybe too strong of a word…) while staying with her grandmother were such a hoot! They had the perfect balance of pure innocence and smarts enough to play the part. I wanted to be friends with them in a demented sort of way.

The way the story unfolded did feel a little confusing at the start, but obviously made more sense as the story continued. It was told in alternating “before and after” chapters. The After being girls in dresses being arrested and questioned by police officers. The officers were quite unsure of why the girls were arrested to begin with. But as they continued to tell their story, the Before chapters/story came in to fill in the blanks. Brilliant, really.

As stated, the characters were on point. The storyline was also very fun and entertaining. One fun fact about this story – nobody dies! There is no murder so it is a little bit of a change from Barnes other books/series. Everything unfolded and came to light in the right order, just we all knew it would. But the way it was presented was just a treat to read.

I really won’t stop gushing about how much I enjoyed this story. I hope everyone gives it a try. I know I cannot wait until the next book comes out next year.



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