Review: Archenemies

Archenemies (Renegades, #2)


If there was one sequel I was over the moon excited for this year, it was this book. I cannot put my finger on why I love this series and characters so much. Maybe my Marvel loving heart has a soft spot for superheroes. Whatever it is, this was all I wanted it to be and more.

The characters felt like the shining stars of this story. Not only do they have their own very unique personalities and shine on their own, but they meld effortlessly into their respected teams (Renegades or Anarchists). Every single character stood out on their own and really came alive, even more so over the first book. In this one, they were given so much more depth that helped make them more complex. I have to commend Meyer for her ability to write such wonderfully flawed and deeply complex characters. It felt as if everything was happening organically between the characters. Sure, there is still the romance between Nova and Adrian but it didn’t feel fake or rushed. It felt like it was happening on its own and that was amazing. The secrets and hidden truths about the other characters were perfectly revealed as well. Brilliant.

Let it never be said that Meyer can not write an action scene. They played out like I was sitting in a movie theater and watching it before me, so cinematic! I believe I am even more captivated by these scenes because of the wide variety of super powers everyone has. I’ll be honest, it makes me wish I was creative enough to think of half of those powers. But to read them in an action scene and everything just … works. Hell yes it works. I devoured this book faster than I care to admit and these are not small novels. I did listen to the audio and adore the narrators. They were both perfect.

I have to remind myself that this was originally supposed to be a duology, not a trilogy. That being said, perhaps the constant back and forth Nova has with her thoughts and feelings about revealing her true identity are being drug out a bit much, but it is working for me. There was even more tension for both Nova and Adrian – individually and together.

Gah, I’m rambling and I’m doing that because I enjoyed this story so much. I don’t often reread stories but this series is one I will reread (and already have). I will not ever stop listening to the audios or pushing the story on people. I know most have heard of this and the size of the book makes it super intimidating, but this is me urging you (the readers) to give this one a go. It is wildly entertaining and a lot of fun.



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