Review: Airports, Exes, and Other Things I’m Over

Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over

SIGH. Where do I start with this one? I had hopes it would be an adorable fluffy read but it really was not. It was a badly written, badly developed, and badly executed. 

Short recap: Sari travels to Florida in an attempt to get over her cheating boyfriend. She stays with her Grandma and runs into a cute boy. Can he help her forget her ex?

Well, I think that was what the book was about. I never got behind Sari or her story for a number of reasons: she came across as painfully immature, she was quick to forget that her boyfriend cheated on her because she chose only to remember the good things about him, and she had this weird side story with music that did not fit into the overall story. Those were the high points. I’m sure the character was meant to be more emotionally stable or secure but it was not portrayed that way. The girl was so hung up on her ex that he was all she talked about, besides music. She was even close to going back to him because she chose only to remember the good times! What in the ever loving heck?! The only reason she started to move past him (rather quickly, if you ask me) was because she had INSTALOVE with a new boy. This new boy had the personality of a wet brick so I didn’t care for him at all. 

Why the author chose to center this story around airports was beyond me because that world was not developed. She could have set it at a nasty fast food restaurant and it would have read the same. There was no real reason to make that a main point of the story if it wasn’t going to be truly included. There was no inclusion of typical airport frustrations, no heartfelt hello/goodbye scenes, none of it! 

This did not feel like an actual story, it felt like a very long conversation that someone was trying to tell me but was just bad at relaying a true story arc. I walked away completely disappointed, wishing I had DNFd. Do yourself a favor, walk away from this one. There were a lot of other things that bothered me about this one but you get the point that it just is not good.

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