Review: Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts)

Jack of Hearts (And Other Parts)

If you have read the blurb of this story and thought, “hey, that sounds good!” then you are correct! What I will also tell you is that this book is MUCH darker than you believe it might be. It’s not all fluff and adorableness. It has a bite

I won’t lie to you, my fellow readers. When this book started I clutched my pearls. I really was blown back by how raw this story was. Jack’s character talked about sex in EXACT DETAIL. I was not ready for it. I’m not a prude but I had not read details like that in a YA book before. It had to take me a moment to gather myself. To my disappointment it went on much longer than it should have and I nearly quit the book. I did not feel it was adding any benefit to the overall story so I couldn’t see a reason to keep going. But a little voice told me to keep reading… I’m glad I did. This got SERIOUS … FAST.

As the story continued, Jack realized he had a stalker. Those are nothing to downplay but it felt very downplayed here. It felt like it was not taken as seriously as it should have been. They are scary and can be life threatening. Jack’s character chose to not report his stalker nor even really talk to his friends about it. That bothered me to no end. I get that some adults around him did not agree with his lifestyle but piss on them – this kid was in TROUBLE. Not only was he receiving threatening (creepy) notes in his locker, he was being asked to *do things* that were highly inappropriate. I was terrified for Jack because everything go worse as the story continued. I still do not get why Jack did not go to someone with this issue. We probably will never know why that person chose to stalk Jack but I wish just a wee bit more detail had gone into that because it would have helped solidify the story for me. However, it was refreshing to see this topic in a story because it proved that it isn’t just females who are stalked. The threat is real for everyone.

Do not think Jack is the only one with a compelling story. His good friends deserve praise as well. His good friend, Ben, was a true shining star. Jack tried daily to help bring Ben out of his shell and I admire him so much for that. Ben felt like an adorable puppy that I wanted to coddle and say encouraging things to, letting him know everything would be alright. I really do hope that boy has his happily ever after.

This book was everything I wanted it to be without knowing that I wanted (needed?) in my life. It was both serious and light-hearted at the same time. I wasn’t sure that was possible until I read this. I highly, and I do mean HIGHLY, recommend this to everyone. Do be warned that Jack’s character gets incredibly detailed about sex and everything to do with sex. If strong details are not your thing, maybe pass on this one because the character will certainly give you every bit of dirty information. 

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