Review: The Young World

The Young World (The Young World, #1)

I absolutely love dystopian novels and have had this one on my radar for a long time. People told me to not give it my time because it was not good but I didn’t listen. Oh what a fool I was.

This was the story of a group of teens that were forced to survive with no adults, no technology, no sense of order. Yeah, that’s about it. I had a hard time finding my will to care for what was happening because this was a hot mess of a story. Nothing about this story felt developed or flushed out. The world was not properly established and as a result I could not envision this as a story set in a time when there were no adults and no infants, only teenagers. I had so many questions! Where did the this all come from? Was it a man-made virus? How was it dispatched? Why was it linked to hormones in only adults and toddlers? I needed answers but I wasn’t going to get them.

On top of all of that nonsense, the story felt dated. By that I mean there were constant references to people/places/things that were relevant *now*. With people talking about social media platforms as if they were forced to stop using them only last week, it lead to my difficultly connecting with any part of this story.

The story was told from two POVs and both were terrible narrators. The one that irritated me the most was the female – Donna (Madonna was her given name). She talked as if she were an incompetent valley girl who struggled to remember which foot went in front of the other when she walked. While she talked like an idiot she tried to act like she was so tough. I didn’t buy it for a second. I wanted nothing more than to punch her in the hopes it would knock some sense into her. The male narrator, Jefferson, was a little more believable. His hangup was that he was in love with Donna. Well, “love” is not strong enough… he was obsessed with her. Given that the teens were not expected to live past the age of 18, he chose to confess his love to her with less than a year left to live. I get why but it felt far too puppy-love for me.

This story let me down in every way I could be let down. The world building was not developed, the characters were weak, and the actual story was full of holes. I never connected to any part of this nor did I care to. I should have DNFd rather than stayed with it until the end. There is no way I will continue the series because I don’t care what happens.

One thought on “Review: The Young World

  1. I think this is one of my lowest rating books of all time, I had a lot of issues with the authors writing style. The writing had a tendency to read more like a movie scrip (which is what he does for living), this really showed when it came to the characters talking.


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