Review: Heretics Anonymous

Heretics Anonymous

I borrowed this from my local library with no knowledge of what it was really about. I know that is terrible but I often like to go into my reads blind. This was so good that I may struggle with my wording because I enjoyed it so much. The snark, the wit, the humor, the sarcasm was just unreal! I was laughing my way through this one! I know that sounds terrible as the story circles around slut shaming, religion, homophobia, and more. This was not an insensitive book, it was exactly the opposite.

This story was narrated by Michael, the main character, and he was a brilliant character. His comedic timing was spot on and it made me devour the book. You see, Michael is an atheist who is forced to attend a Catholic school. From the moment he stepped foot in the door he never held his tongue and always had a witty comeback. He befriends the most rag-tag group possible: a gay jew, a pagan, a Unitarian, and a Colombian catholic. The dynamic of this group was nothing short of magic. Together, this group realized their school needed to be shook up a little.

Michael was brilliantly flawed and relatable as he tried to become a better person over the course of the story. Lucy was the self proclaimed feminist, fierce in her faith, and always put too much pressure on herself while trying to maintain balance at home. Avi was a spitfire who never backed down from anything. Eden and Max round out the group of misfits but they were no less dynamic. The fact that they all had their own beliefs and were able to have civil conversations was refreshing. It reaffirmed the fact that people from different faiths, backgrounds, and beliefs can still be good friends.

I am not normally a big reader of stories that revolve around religion but this was something I could not put down. It not only spoke of variety but it spoke about tolerance. The characters were able to accept the flaws in others and still continue on with their life. Meaning everyone can absolutely live coexisting. That topic mixed with the perfect amount of snark, wit, and humor made me wish I could read this again for the first time so I can laugh at it all again.

I highly recommend this to everyone! Do not let it fool you – this was an eye opening read that I hope everyone gives a chance. It has it all: friendship, humor, a unique story, and more. Please, add this to your TBR if you have not already.

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