Review: This Lie Will Kill You

This Lie Will Kill You

I knew nothing about this other than it was a murder mystery that promised to have great twists and turns Well, I’m still waiting for all of that to happen because they sure were not in this book.

The concept of a group of teens being invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater type event was a great idea but the execution was just not there. Everyone keeps comparing this to the infamous I Know What You Did Last Summer movie but this read more like a really bad generic C-list movie rip off of.

The author wanted me to believe that a this group of highly intelligent whip-smart teens fell for weak lies and a flimsy promise of scholarship money if they attend this event. That was all it took to get them together in a creepy house where a murder/death takes place and everyone had a specific role to play as a participant. Could one of them be the murderer? It was obvious the author tired way too hard to make this a complex who-dun-it but it was not complex, it was just confusing. Everything was over-complicated to the point of being uninteresting. I often zoned out and my thoughts drifted to what else I could be reading instead of this weak attempt at a thriller.

I get what was trying to be accomplished but the journey to get there was rough. The writing did not feel fluid or natural. I don’t know how else to say it other than it was bad. The characters were badly developed (if at all) and had no redeeming qualities.The author should have just had a bad guy in a top hat twirling a mustache cackling the entire time. Everything was obvious and eye-roll worthy. It was tacky and predictable at best.

This story had so much potential but it let me down in every way a book could let me down. The most humorous part was one of the characters read like Edward Cullen’s strange rarely-talked about cousin. If the author was going to include Edward, at least he could have improved upon the character. There is no way anyone could be paler than Edward but I stand corrected. Do yourself a favor, hard pass on this book. I sure wish I had.

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