Review: Pivot Point

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)

I adore this author and she is an instabuy for me but this… sigh this book failed me. I felt incredibly let down by what I read.

The story started out rough and got worse as it continued. The narrator, Addison, lived in a time when nearly everyone had a special ability. The people with abilities kept themselves separate from the people without abilities. Addison’s special gift was the ability was to see all outcomes when asked to make a decision. In this story, Addison’s parents announced they were getting a divorce and asked her who she wanted to live with. That was this entire story – she goes back and forth telling the story of what happened if she stayed with either parent. It is a great concept but the execution was bad.

Addison’s lack of personality was what kept me from connecting to the story. She felt far too self-absorbed and selfish as well as being completely underdeveloped. I get that she was trying to see what would happen but she could have been reading the phone book with as much emotion as she had. She really cared far too much about what people thought and what cute boys she was going to date. This was me not caring. Neither of her parents had a big presence so it was Addison on her own.

The concept of telling a story in this fashion was a great idea but there was just too much of nothing going on. The way a football game was described was exhausting because it was dull. Even though Addison had not ever been to a football or anything pertaining to people without abilities, she made it seem like “normal” people were animals in a zoo to be gawked at. Give me a break. They were people just without the special gifts.

This will be a short review because no matter how much I write it will not make me like the story anymore. It had such potential but it never achieved that level. It was boring on top of dull mixed with who cares. I did not pick up the second book and probably won’t. I’m so sad that I did not love this one as much as everyone else.

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