Review: We Told Six Lies

We Told Six Lies

I’ve been struggling for a few days with how to write this review. Why? Because I had high hopes for this mystery/thriller but instead of being taken on a journey, I was left baffled and shaking my head. This was such a mess. There were several, and I mean several times I thought about DNFing this book and moving on. So why didn’t I? Probably for the classic excuse of, “I wanted to know what was going on”. That was my downfall.

I mentioned that this was a hot mess of a story and I’m not joking. The characters were not fully developed, the plot itself was weak as wet tissue, and the pacing was just off. The two main characters were Molly and Cobain. You read that right, Cobain. (This story is packed full of bizarre, unusual, and unrealistic names in the history of names so be prepared for that.) Molly was kidnapped and her on again/off again boyfriend, Cobain, was the main Person of Interest. Great, okay, no surprise there. But the way the story unfolded to reveal who really was to blame and why made me set the book down and walk away. The alternating POV chapters worked ish but the ones told from Cobain’s POV were NOT working. He used second person talk and that absolutely did not work with the rest of the book/story told in third person. That was a big reason I was not able to connect with the story (that and the characters). Molly’s voice did not feel fleshed out and Cobain’s voice did not feel believable. I did not know what was going on between the two nor did I ever truly understand what was going on with them. Were they actually dating or not? Why all of the secrets and lies? They did not give a deeper meaning to the story in my eyes.

The characters themselves, all eleventy billion of them, felt completely shallow and useless. I did not care what this one random cheerleader at the school thought of Molly, however Scott felt it necessary to add to the story and make a big deal of it. Details like that did not give the characters depth, it made it difficult to keep track of who was who and who said what. Everything said and did felt forced. Forced does not equal good or believable. It equaled frustrating and cringe-worthy.

The “big reveal” at the end was an absolute letdown. I saw it coming a mile away. Above everything else, it felt too convenient. Oh, the author forgot to mention that bit of info? WHO CARES! SURPRISE! Here is who did it and why! Enjoy! Yeah, no. That’s not how this works.

Overall, no surprise when I tell you that I did not enjoy this story as much as I wanted. I really do love and adore well written mysteries but this was just not one of those mysteries. It felt jagged, choppy, and like a first draft. I love this author and will continue to read/support her but this was not my favorite novel by her.

One thought on “Review: We Told Six Lies

  1. I find it can be quite difficult to write a review about a book I did not like as much as I thought I would, but you did a good job. It’s important to still be honest when reviewing, shame that the book wasn’t that good.


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