Review: Not If I Save You First

Not If I Save You First

I have had this book on my radar since before it came out. I adore Carter and have read a lot of books by her. But when I read that this was a survival story, I nearly lost my mind. I had to get my hands on it! Sadly it took a while for me to get it checked off of my TBR. And what is sadder than that is that this was just an okay story. I had a lot of issues with it and I’ll explain why.

The characters typically make or a break a story and in the case of this book, they broke it. The characters were superficial, flat, and unrelatable. I wanted to connect with Maddie and Logan after what they experienced as children because that had to have been something to witness, but I couldn’t. Why? Maddie was shallow and seemed obsessed with glitter, while Logan was a spoiled jerk (the President’s son) who liked to break the rules because he could. Nothing trope about that at all. These two had the beginning of the perfect friendship to romance but tragedy happened and they were forced to grow up apart. Maddie wrote Logan letters but he never wrote back. It was never truly explained in a way I am good with why Logan never wrote back. He chose to ignore Maddie and what she was going through when all she wanted was her best friend to let her know she wasn’t alone. Did Logan do that? NOPE. Maddie ended up growing up bitter and untrusting of people (for obvious reasons) but that did not make her a 100% likable character. She was still the bedazzling idiot from her pre-teen years but she was able to take care of herself. (Now that was the only part of her I did like.) What really and truly irritated me to no end was how self-absorbed and chauvinist Logan portrayed himself to be. He would not ever let Maddie be the one to save him. Not once would he back the heck off and let her do what she knew to be right. He always had to run in guns blazing and be the bull in the China shop. Why could he not take a step back and realize that just because he was a male that he was right or strongest or smartest? It was maddening!! He knew that Maddie knew the woods, knew the wilderness and how to survive but he just could not be shown up by a girl. GAH. I’m still upset over it because it was unnecessary.

Alright … moving on. Sorry for that tirade. That topic always lights a fire under me. The reason for the attempted kidnapping/hostage situation was weak at best. I believe I knew where Carter was coming from but more clarification would have been great. You want me to believe that after six freaking years these Russians are still holding a grudge against the President’s Son and the only daughter of the Secret Service agent that stopped them? UH… *hold please* I’m going to have to get back to you on that one because I’m still scratching my head. The ending was rushed and nothing was explained at all. I needed so much more.

This was a super quick read and had some good moments/scenes but overall it was not what I was expecting. I was hoping for a high stakes badass survival story like I Am Still Alive. Now that story blew me away and what I was hoping for. This was just an okay read and not one I will pick up again.

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