ARC Review: If I’m Being Honest

If I'm Being Honest

While I have not yet had the pleasure of reading Always, Never, Yours, I was able to read and follow this with no problem. It was a delightfully funny, charming, hilarious, swoony read! I really did love everything about this and am excited to read more from these two authors.

While this is pitched as Taming of the Shrew meets Mean Girls, I’m here to tell you that is not incorrect. This was an absolute brilliant mashup. Once I started, I simply could not get enough of it! I immediately connected with Cameron, the protagonist. While this girl was always honest with what she said, she stayed true to herself and stuck to her guns. I have to commend the girl for being confident in who she was and willing to see past herself to try to become a better person. She felt believable and someone I would hang out with in real life, brutal honesty and all. She went through the book trying to make up for past wrongs and I give her a standing ovation for that. I don’t know many people that would put themselves out there that way. Granted, her reasons for starting this list/quest were a little (okay, a lot) on the selfish side, but her character arc more than made up for it.

Cameron was not the only amazing character in this story, the entire cast felt believable and real. They all felt flushed out, deeply flawed, and wonderfully complex. Not one single person as was open and shut as they appeared. Every single one had their insecurities, hopes, and fears. It was refreshing to read about a cast of characters that was not always perfect in everything they did. Cameron’s character really had to work to get to know these people, nothing happened easily or by chance – I really liked that about this book. While Cameron was batting some pretty gnarly demons at home, it proved that nobody had the perfect life.

I’m really struggling to find the proper words to describe how much I enjoy this book!! The setting, the plot, the pacing, the characters, all of it worked. It worked in such a wonderful way. Just know that if you’re looking for a swoony contemporary feel that may give you pause to think about how you talk to/treat people, then this is the book you need in your life. You don’t want to miss it when it comes into the world soon.

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