ARC Review: Tell Me How You Really Feel

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Before I even start this review – let me say something about the book overall: HOT. DAMN.

Ok. I feel a bit better now.

This book freaking blew me out of the water! This was a queer book that I never knew I needed until I read it. Safi found a way to write (in my eyes) the perfect f/f hate to love couple. I mean… just look at that cover! That’s HOT. I’m here to say that the story between the cover is just as hot and has some damn good scenes. I won’t go into detail but if that doesn’t peak your interest, I’m not sure what will.

This story circles around the hate to love relationship between two unlikely high school students: Sana, captain of the cheer-leading squad, and Rachel, the aspiring filmmaker. Both have noticed each other at school but never actually talked. Rachel is know for having the warmth of a rock while Sana is known for always being perfect. During their senior year of school, a series of unfortunate events end up forcing these two to work together. It also forces them to make realizations about themselves and be brutally honest with who they are and how they feel about one another.

The story is told from alternating POVs and it seriously worked. I mean… really worked. To be given such an in-depth insight into what each other was thinking and why the reacted the way that they did was masterfully done. I think what truly hit this out the park for me was that both characters, both Sana and Rachel, were out and proud during this entire book. They were never once ashamed of admitting that they preferred girls. They were not bi, they were not hiding their sexual preference, they were not discovering themselves, they knew who they were. That made me so happy! Let me also say that their families knew of these sexual preferences and accepted it! Their families were not ashamed or dismissive saying, “it is just a phase”. Reading about how present their families were throughout everything was something that made my nerd YA heart happy.

While I’m gushing about how great the queer representation was in this book, I also must gush about how authentic the relationship development felt. It was not rushed, forced, or convenient. It happened in a very organic way and it was amazing to witness.

I am trying not to give so much away with this review but I feel I failed. You will hear me talk a lot about this because I will recommend it to EVERYONE. I believe this book needs to be in the hands of readers who want a swoony, steamy YA contemporary romance.

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