Review: Last Girl Lied To

Last Girl Lied to

This is going to sound really bad but once I finished this book, I completely forgot everything about it. As I sit here now trying to write my review, I am struggling to remember anything about it. I know it was disappointing and not twisty, turney, or any type of thriller. It was ho-hum at best and even typing that feels like a stretch.

I tried very hard and for the entire length of the book to connect to the MC and her plight to find out what happened to her friend that allegedly committed suicide, but it never happened. I had no dog in the fight. I wish I would have DNFd but instead I read hundreds of pages where Fiona used people, was nasty to everyone around her, and outright judge everyone. Her character arc never truly happened so she stayed horrid the entire time. She was incredibly self-absorbed and felt that if she didn’t handle something then it would never get done. Rude much? Her character did not fee flushed out or developed at all.

I kept waiting for the story to become more dark and sinister but it never happened. There never felt like a mystery or a sense of urgency, which I felt would be necessary in a type of story like this. Instead of Fiona desperately trying to figure out what really happened to her friend, she spent more time with a boy she liked. Eh… what. Get out of here with that nonsense.

Oh, and don’t get me started on that weak ending. The entire thing was revealed in a couple of paragraphs about ten pages before the end of the book. That felt like a cop-out and a horrible way to try to bring resolution to a story. The overall story felt like a first draft rather than a published novel. There were so many things and events that happened to break up the pacing of the story that I quickly found myself not caring what happened. I do not recommend this to anyone.

One thought on “Review: Last Girl Lied To

  1. ouch, this sounds like a painful read. you should’ve DNF’d! ain’t no shame if it’s doing nothing for you, I’ve become more sanguine about DNF’ing if a book is giving me grief.


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