Review: Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity, #1)

This may be a tough review for me to write as I just did not enjoy it as much as everyone else. I have found my way through historical fiction stories and found I enjoy them more than I thought I would, but this book was a struggle for me to connect with. 

This story was set during WWII and the MC was captured by Nazi opposition. She chose to tell her story through the eyes of her friend, Maddie. The story was told using various anecdotes instead of the typical “let me lay everything out for you in chronological” fashion. That in itself was super confusing. I have an idea of why the author chose that format but for me it just did not work for this particular story. It was not plot or character based, rather simple conversations between people. Again, that may work for some but it just did not work for me. There was no drama, no plot building, no world building, no character arc, nothing. It was like two people having a conversation with no depth. I promise I zoned out for most of the story, which was terrible of me to do but I was bored.

I’m not sure how much more I can expand upon the story as I quickly forgot everything after I finished. No kidding – POOF. GONE. The amount of detail that went into mundane things was outlandish. Example: There were so many descriptions of a pilot’s job that I often wondered if this was a pilot’s manual. If that kind of attention would have been put into everything else, this book would have been outstanding. It needed to be taken back to the editing process in my eyes. This needed character development, world building, some type of suspense (maybe), SOMETHING. This was just so lacking for me that it nearly hurt.

Do I recommend this? EHHHHHH… some people will really enjoy this book but I, however, am not one of them. I tried and failed to enjoy this. If you read and enjoyed it, I do wish I could have read through your eyes because this just did not work for me.

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