DNF Review: Love from A to Z

Love from A to Z

This may be quick as I do not enjoy writing DNF reviews but believe they are necessary so readers can see that not ever book is for everyone.

I made the decision to quit this and move on after only 20-something percent into the story. As a reader, I know what I like and do not like in a story, along with what works for me. This, my darlings, did not work for me. The number one thing that stood out to me was the immature-sounding voice of the MC, Zayneb. She was suspended from school after an outburst. Okay, I get that. But how her inner monologue voice was that of a twelve year old instead of a high school student. She sounded petulant and bratty. That mixed with the fact that her parents chose to send her overseas to start her spring break early did not jive for me. That did not feel like a punishment, it sounded like a treat!

On top of that, she has INSTALOVE with a boy she met on the plane ride to Doha, Qatar! I’m out. I don’t do instalove – ever. It was unbelievable, unrelatable, and not my cup of tea. She meets Adam on the plane and queue her immature boy crazy voice that gushed about how cute his hair was. I was not on board for that. Then she ran into him again after setting in at her aunt’s house and sparks continued to fly? Nope, I’m done.

I really wish I could have gotten into this story as everyone loved it but sadly it just did not do anything for me. I didn’t like the shallow characters and weak plot. If you read this and loved it, I wish I could have read it through your eyes. I tried, and sadly failed to enjoy this.

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