ARC Review: Dear Sweet Pea

Dear Sweet Pea

I love this author and she is an auto-buy for me. I have read everything Murphy has written and loved ever word. When I heard she was writing a MG book, I knew I would read that as well. You know what? It’s just as adorable, hard hitting, though provoking, and relevant as you would image it to be. This did not disappoint.

Sweet Pea, aka Patricia (but don’t call her that), is not having an easy time adapting to her parents divorcing, splitting her time between her two parents (and their matching homes!), trying to keep her best friend happy while trying to repair a broken friendship, and taking care of things for the neighborhood advice columnist lady while she is away (including answering her letters!). Sweet Pea has a lot going on! Throughout it all, she tries to keep a positive attitude and stay honest about her thoughts and feelings. That along with snuggles from her cat, Cheese, help Sweet Pea through what she hopes is the toughest part of her life, until she starts 8th grade that is.

Everything about this book was so adorable. Sweet Pea’s character felt like a breath of fresh air. This girl did not conform to anyone’s ideas of who she should be – or even what size she should be. She also did not back down when/if someone made an unwanted comment about her parents divorcing or her dad being gay. This girl was solid and I appreciated that. She knew who she was and was confident with it. I wish I had a book like this to read when I was younger.

The overall story itself was fast paced and just fun to read. Full of snark, wit, heart, and soul, this was everything I was hoping this story would be. I enjoyed reading how Sweet Pea tackled tough topics such as how to repair a broken friendship, deal with divorcing parents, and how to respond to fat-shamming people. This character may have barely been a teenager, but she felt wise beyond her years. Maybe she just had solid parents (I vote for both).

If you have been thinking about this, please give it a go. It really is a fun and quick read.

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