ARC Review: A Match Made in Mehendi

A Match Made in Mehendi

**I received an arc from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

I’ve been struggling with my review of this book… it was a light and fluffy read but it just was not my cup of tea. I was not completely sold the idea for the book premise and I felt the execution was just not done very well. I know that I am the black sheep when it comes to my thoughts and feelings on this book, but it again proves that not every book is for every reader.

My biggest issue with this entire novel was that I did not connect with the voice of the MC, Simran. She came across immature for her age and more boy crazy than anything else. There were times she spoke and acted as if she just discovered boys for the first time. While her mom and aunt were self-proclaimed ‘match makers’, they pushed and pushed and pushed Simran to give into her “natural talents” and become a match maker herself – which she does but with technology (an app that was previously created for her mom/aunt that they refused to entertain). UH… ok. I can get behind the modern technology part of the story but not the rest of it. Simran spent nearly the entire book wondering if the boy she liked really did like her back. Not to mention this boy’s ex-girlfriend was extra for the sake of being extra. That ex was an intense bully who was allowed to get away with bullying. Not sure how that was possible but maybe it was written that way for the sake of the story. Regardless, it caused me to not connect with any part of the story.

The overall story, once I really got into it, felt choppy and underdeveloped. A high school dating app? I can understand the concept but is something like that necessary or was it just for fun? I don’t believe I would have signed up for something like that while I was in school. Those days/years were rough enough for me, I didn’t need to be rejected/made fun of on social media. Talk about adding insult to injury.

I don’t think I need to go on about how I didn’t jive with everything in this novel. I wanted to, I tried but it was just not for me. I am not upset that I read this, just upset at what I read. I needed the character to be a little more grown up and developed, the storyline needed just a little something more to make it… believable is the word I want to use, and the pacing needed to be cleaned up.

One thought on “ARC Review: A Match Made in Mehendi

  1. Aw, I was looking forward to this one. But now that you mention it, a dating app for high school students is pretty weird as a concept. Probably going to bump this one down a few spots on my TBR now…


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