ARC Review: The Bookworm Crush

The Bookworm Crush

**I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

I adored this book so, so, so much. That means I’m going to struggle a bit to write my review so please forgive my ramblings and nonsensical thoughts.

This was felt like it was written for any and all book bloggers/readers. Do you fall into one of those categories? Then you need to get your hands on this book STAT. I found myself connecting with Amy as she felt like ME. To be able to relate to a character that much was outstanding. I wish I had books like this to read when I was younger, it may have helped shaped me a little differently as a person and a reader. That makes me thankful they are in the world now and available to today’s readers. That being said, Amy was everything I wanted in a MC. I could not get enough of her and was saddened when the story ended.

The supporting characters were just as charming and enjoyable! The way everyone came together felt … encouraging. It warmed my bookish heart. The way they all wanted to help Amy win the chance to meet her favorite author was endearing.

While the story ended up being predictable, it was nothing short of adorable (I know I have said that already but I want to stress how great this really was). I cannot recommend enough to everyone and really urge everyone to get a copy ASAP.

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