Review: Sick Kids In Love

Sick Kids in Love

**I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

Before I get into my review, I want to stress that this is not your typical book about sick kids so don’t even try to compare to TFIOS. NOBODY DIES! WOO! Still, it’s a story that will stomp on your feels and make your heart hurt (in a good way).

Isabel was a teenage girl living with rheumatoid arthritis and doing the best she could to be as normal as possible. She was at the hospital receiving her RA treatment when she meets Sasha. This started the whirlwind relationship for two sick kids who, while they do not look sick, really have their own trials and tribulations to overcome.

While I gave a very brief overview of the story, there was so much more to Isabel and Sasha’s story. The private thoughts and struggles Isabel went through were understandable and believable. She battled with negative thoughts, self doubt, and some abandonment issues since her father, a well respected Doctor, was absent most of the time and her mother was not in the picture. The girl practically raised herself. Her bond with Sasha was a great balance to someone that needed another soul to connect with. Sasha was a delightful character and I wanted to be friends with him in real life. He was witty, sarcastic, and amazing. The dynamic between the two jumped off of the page.

What stood out to me the most was how this author did a wonderful job of portraying characters that had real life medical issues yet not weighing down the story with medical speak. Everything was explained masterfully and I didn’t feel like I had no idea what was happening. It also made me realize just how many people around me could have serious medical issues but chose to remain private about it. I speak from experience because I have a slew of medical issues that most people would never know existed. (Ask me about them sometime. I am an open book because the more people know, the more educated people can become. Not every serious medical issue is as public or well known as you might think.)

I could keep going but I want to entice you enough to get your hands on this book! It was so well written that I know I will now get my hands on whatever this author writes. Please, add to your TBR today if you have not already. You need some Sasha humor in your life.

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