ARC Review: Scared Little Rabbits

Scared Little Rabbits

**I received an arc from the author in exchange for my honest review**

I was beyond words excited when Geiger announced her next thriller. I was shook after her first duology, Follow Me Back and Tell Me No Lies, so I knew I had to read her latest novel. It promised to be a page-turning thriller. I’m sad to report that this fell short of my expectations.

Nora has been accepted to a programming summer camp and can barely function due to the excitement she feels. She has high expectations for herself as the same summer camp hosted the brain child behind the uber popular app, InstaLove. This app allowed users to immerse in an interactive game that combined Instagram and PokemonGo, and pushes the users to be more social. Great idea, right? Nora hopes she can come up with a great idea like that but while at camp, the biggest adventure she encounters is a missing person and the death of another.

I won’t keep giving you the synopsis of the story because I want you to read the story for yourself. Nora’s character was easy enough to like but there was not anything about her that immediately stood out to me. I was not her biggest fan because she was overly-awkward and I felt a lot of the story focused on just how awkward she was. That was not necessary. It was stressed so much how ordinary yet brilliant Nora was. Ok, I get the pictures so move on already.

The other characters were not that original either – Maddox was the cute boy and Eleanor was the queen bee. No surprise but Maddox and Eleanor have a past. Nora spends most of the book jumping to conclusions about what happened between the two to cause them to split. All that did for me was point out Nora’s insecurities and self-doubt. Don’t get me wrong, I get that nearly every female has those but it felt like they were highlighted throughout this entire story. Also, there felt like an insta-love meeting between Nora and Maddox at the start of the book and I’m not here for that. I never believe insta-love and never will. Sure, they can find each other attractive but not instantly become each others only thought. It was just no believable.

The pacing of the book felt slightly off. Normally I would have torn through the story but I found I could easily set the book down and not have a strong desire to pick it back up. I was curious about what was going on but I didn’t have a strong desire to finish. Maybe it was the random Eleanor POV chapters that were trying to be cryptic but did nothing more than confuse me. Whatever it was, it didn’t work for me.

Overall, I felt let down by this one. The ending felt predictable, along with all of the characters. It was not a thrilling story for me to read as I predicted the ending very early on. I am not upset that I read it but I am just disappointed by what I read. Would I recommend it? EH, maybe I’m just not the right reader for this one and someone else will really enjoy it. Either way, I do say give it a shot by borrowing from your library.

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