ARC Review: Throw Like a Girl

Throw Like a Girl

**I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest review**

If you are looking for a super quick, fluffy rom com type book – you are in LUCK! This is the type of book you could easily start and finish in one afternoon. I’m still learning that not all sports-based books are bad. They are not normally my “go to” type setting but if written/developed/executed right, they are fun to read. I am happy to say that this was done right.

The story circles around Liv, a high school softball star that is kicked out of her private school for fighting during a softball game. She is forced to start school at a neighboring rival where she hopes she can jump right back into playing softball. That isn’t the case as the softball coach wants Liv to prove herself as a team player. Heartbroken, Liv decides to go for another team sport. Out of nowhere she is approached by the football quarterback with a proposition – join football as the new QB since he is out on medical. Can Liv do it? Can she prove that as a girl she has what it takes to play football while proving to the new coach she can be a team player?

Kind of a weak storyline, I’ll give you that, but still enjoyable to read. There were some heavier topics thrown in along the way and I do wish they had been expanded upon more: underage drinking, homophobia, anger management issues, and misogyny. These topics are incredibly serious but they felt like they were sprinkled throughout the story to help it along. That never sets well with me. The author had the perfect platform to talk about these serious topics but instead it was about Liv crushing on the cute and popular quarterback.

There was no depth of any kind with the story. What you read is what you go. There was no earth shattering realization, there was no huge character arc, there was not a lot of character growth or development. Everything that happened to Liv to help her get back into softball felt convenient. She just so happened to be spotted playing football with her little brother and she just so happened to be recruited for the team. Then she just so happened to be a natural at the sport. After that, she just so happened to be able to make the right decisions on how to manage/lead the football team. There is such a thing as too much and things like this throughout the story felt like too much. There is no way anything remotely close to this could happen in real life.

I’ll say it again – overall it was a quick read. Did I enjoy it? Enough to finish the book. Would I recommend it? I know some readers will be swooning over this in no time, but sadly I was not one of those readers.

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