ARC Review: One of Us is Next

One of Us Is Next (One of Us Is Lying, #2)

I wasn’t 100% on board when I heard there would be a sequel to One of Us is Lying simply because I wasn’t sure McManus needed (or could?) pull off another thrilling mystery. I’m here to tell you I WAS WRONG. This book was *needed* and McManus must have been born with magic in her blood because she’s a master at her craft. It was everything I needed in a who-dun-it but didn’t know I needed it.

Reading about the Bayview Four years after the events from the first book was thrilling, I mean it! Not all of them handled the events of that fateful day well. Of course everyone had their theories of why Simon did what he did but unless they were actually in the room with him, they could not possibly know. While I have a soft spot for the original characters, getting to know the new players in the game was just as much fun. They were all very well developed and wonderfully complex.

While the characters were well crafted, the plot and reason behind the events stole the show. I never saw that coming in a million years. It was bloody brilliant. I say it again – McManus is a master. She made this look easy as the thrill of the chase was expertly told. The words wove together in a way that felt fluid. I never felt there was a lag in the pacing or the world building or the character development. It all worked like it should and I am now forever a fan of McManus.

If you haven’t already picked this up – DO IT NOW. You can thank me later.

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