ARC Review: Echoes Between Us

Echoes Between Us

I devoured this book in a day. I was mesmerized by McGarry’s words and could not put this one down. The heartache, the worry, the give & take of the all of the characters was outstanding. McGarry is a master of her craft and I am forever a faithful reader.

Veronica’s character was deeply flawed and wonderfully complex, same goes for Sawyer. These two teens could not have been more polar opposites if they tried. While I felt for Veronica and everything she was going through, I felt myself leaning more towards Sawyer and the silent battle he was fighting. Nobody – and I mean NOBODY – should have to grow up that quickly. He made the best of a horrible situation and I commend him for it. He was brave beyond measure. Together, Veronica and Sawyer made a fierce ship.

The spiritual side to this story – being able to see ghosts – only made the overall story that much more appealing. It did not overshadow what the main characters were going through and I appreciate that. It showed just how brilliant McGarry is.

Do check this one out if it is not already on your radar.

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