ARC Review: The Gravity of Us

The Gravity of Us

**I received an advance copy from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.**

Be still my heart. I have so much love for Cal and Leon… SO MUCH LOVE. The was the LGBTQ book I didn’t know I needed. I had one book lover pushing hard for me to read this sooner and now I know why. I ship Cal and Leon 4EVA.

While you think this book is a clear-cut story of two gay boys who find love with some space stuff thrown in, I am here to tell you that you are WRONG. This is the story of low-key internet famous Calvin Jr who rose to fame on the hottest social media platform (think SnapChat meets Insta) and how his life is thrown into a whirlwind when his dad is selected as one of the 20 to become astronauts and maybe be on a mission to go to Mars. Cal never expected to run into another gay boy on the base in Texas where he and his family relocated to. Enter Leon… the son of a well respected astronaut mother who is also training and preparing for the same Mars mission as Cal’s dad. These two have so much more in common and bond over shared anxiety, unsaid feelings, and unspoken thoughts. They also have to brave the nastiness of the media show that is trying to air everyone’s dirty laundry where there, in fact, is no dirty laundry.

There really is so much going on in this book that I’m struggling NOT to give everything away. I want to tease you enough to make you want to run out to get a copy (as if this isn’t already on your radar…). The story is so captivating that I finished this in one day. It was the type of story that I really wanted to clear my calendar to finish – it was that good. I just had to know what how it ended. The pacing was perfect, the world building was masterful (not to mention the way Stamper described Houston – SPOT ON), and the characters were flawed, yet very well developed. I felt as if I could have been friends with any of them in real life.

There were some heavy topics mentioned in the story and I have to take a moment to give a huge thank you to Stamper for actually addressing them. He did not add them for the sake of moving the story along – he used them seriously and for the right reasons because they made the story feel that much more real. Stamper talked about how tough it was to be an out gay teen in both NY and TX. He also talked about how parents don’t always get along and are sometimes absent and how that affects the kids. He also talked about how high anxiety and depression are real, and how they affect families. I know that may not sound like much but those can be super sensitive and relative to a lot of readers.

Overall, I adored this story. I loved every minute and cannot wait for everyone to read it! Make sure this is on your list and you are able to grab a copy when it comes out. You won’t regret it.

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