ARC Review: Lucky Caller

Lucky Caller

I have recently fallen in love with all Emma Mills writing and was delighted when I had the opportunity to read her upcoming novel, Lucky Caller. This was a quick and swoony read. It was a bit slow in the beginning but it ramped up in no time and was over before I knew it. This felt like the perfect blend of emotional, swoony, fun, yet not too serious or gut wrenching. I believe this is another smash hit for Mills.

The story felt like it had so many layers and so much depth. It wasn’t just about Emma and a group of classmates hosting a radio show, it was also about Emma and her sisters dealing with the constant disappointment that is their father. There were a lot of cringe-worthy moments but whose teenage years weren’t full of cringe-worthy moments? That helped make the story feel that much more believable. The family matters were handled with grace and I appreciated that. They were not drawn out or over dramatic, just realistic.

One of my favorite parts of the story was the humor set around the radio show the students had to produce. The sarcasm and wit was hilarious! There were also awkward moments but they were done so well that I found myself laughing at them.

The so burn between Nina and Jamie was amazing and I wanted more. Dare I say it was perfection. Mills certainly knows how to leave her readers wanting more. Well done, Ms. Mills. *claps*

This is one book you certainly don’t want to miss. I have a feeling this is already on your TBR, I’m here to let you know that was a dang good decision. I hope you read this and love it (I already know you will!)

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